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How to Polish and Buff Stainless Steel Sheet

30 Mar, 2024

      What is Mirror polished stainless steel sheet

     Mirror polished stainless steel is a cold rolled stainless steel sheet with an initial surface of stainless steel BA, 2B, or NO.1 that is polished to a highly reflective mirror-like surface by a mirror polishing technique, often referred to as #8 Mirrored stainless steel sheet or 8K Mirror. polished stainless steel sheet.


       How to polish stainless steel sheet

      As a professional stainless steel mirror processing factory, we adopt a manual control semi-automated stainless steel sheet 8K mirror processing method. The stainless steel sheet 8K mirror polished processing method combines mechanical polishing and chemical polishing, and the processed stainless steel sheet has a high surface finish, basically no deformation, and has an excellent anti-corrosion effect. We are equipped with a professional large-scale stainless steel polishing machine combined with experienced workers for polishing, and quality control operations, so as to produce high-quality mirror stainless steel that can meet the requirements of SN/T 1671-2005 "Export Stainless Steel Decorative Plate Surface Quality Inspection Procedures". The processing steps of the stainless steel mirror polished plate are as follows


       Processing steps   

1、Washing: the stainless steel cold rolled plate placed on the platform, with water to clean the stainless steel surface debris.

2、Sanding: different from ordinary mirror 8k processing plant, we will send the stainless steel plate before rough polishing, the reason for this treatment is to be able to eliminate the stainless steel surface burrs, rust skin, oil, to get a finer and uniform surface effect, to prepare for the next polishing.

3、Rough Polishing: with rough polishing abrasive grinding stainless steel surface, the grinding processing method for the criss-cross method: the first longitudinal uniform grinding once, and then uniform horizontal grinding once, to ensure that the grinding direction is always the same, the grinding speed of 1-2M per minute, the spindle speed 40-50r/min. rough polishing mesh in the 600#-1000#. Until the surface treatment is even without pockmarks.

4、Fine Polishing: with wool felt mold with polishing solution on the surface of stainless steel precision polishing, until the surface state achieves no abrasive flower, pockmarks, and scratches, and the surface is uniform and consistent

5、Washing And Drying: use water to wash the chemical liquid on the surface of stainless steel and dry it.

6、Quality Inspection: under the light to achieve no abrasive head flower, orange peel, pitting, scratches. The surface gloss tester test 60 ° ≥ 620, in line with the "export stainless steel decorative plate surface quality inspection procedures" requirements.

7、Filming: filming machine with the processed mirror polished plate for filming, if the plate needs further processing (such as PVD Coating or bead blasted processing), then use white paper or 3C protective film to protect the processed mirror plate, send to the next factory for processing.


      We are a source manufacturer with 13 years experience in decorative metal material production and processing, and we have an 8000 square meters stainless steel mirror 8K processing plant, stainless steel offline material stores, and stainless steel metal products processing plant. We can produce high-quality stainless steel 8K, 10K, and 12K mirror polished sheet/coil for you. If you are interested in our products, don't hesitate to contact us for the best offer.

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