Technical Support

Technical Support

  • How can I install the product?

    Different products have different installation methods, click here to get our professional installation tutorials.Still have problems? contact us

  • Do metal materials need maintenance?

    Yes,Try to apply in dry, neat and non-corrosive conditions.304 and 316 materials with higher corrosion resistance are recommended for coastal cities

  • How to cleaning metal product?

    Normal stains can be removed with water and a sponge. If further cleaning is necessary, it is important to avoid abrasive materials such as steel wool as they may leave scratches on the surface of the material. To find out the best solution for your cleaning issue, contact us

  • Will there be a color difference between the colors ordered at different times?

    Different batches of materials purchased by us may have slightly different colors. If your product is used for splicing on the same facade, please be sure to place the material at one time, or notify us to prepare the same color plate for the increase order.