7-Meter Extra-Long Crystal Metal Divider

09 Jun, 2024

We are excited to introduce our 7-meter extra-long crystal metal divider, meticulously crafted over 35 days. 
This masterpiece combines high-quality stainless steel with custom crystal glass, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting.


Click on this link to view a collection of videos we've uploaded to YouTube, providing a rich and comprehensive look at this piece.



This is our specially designed custom crystal glass block. 
The standard custom size is L100×W100×H20. 
As shown in the picture, we can also customize the size to fit your specific needs.




To ensure product integrity and customer satisfaction, our workshop team includes experienced professionals like welding masters who have over 5 years of expertise. 
Before the actual installation, they communicate with you to provide specific and practical advice, ensuring a seamless process.









These are the details of the Metal Divider on display.



Due to the unique design and construction of this Metal Divider, we invest significant labor in packing it carefully. 
We wrap its surface with clinker foam to prevent defects from collisions during transportation. After placing it in a custom wooden crate, we secure it further using ties, screws, plastic, and specific foam. 
These measures maximize the chances of ensuring its integrity upon delivery to our customers.




Once the packing is complete, we arrange for vehicle delivery. 
Our delivery stage is now finalized, and we await the customer's receipt of the goods. The next step is to coordinate the on-site installation with the customer, ensuring our commitment to heartfelt service every step of the way.


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